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warrior icons


7 March
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Welcome to warrioricons, the personal icon journal of mufwarprincess. I'm a twenty-one year old art school graduate who works as a UI Designer by day, a champion of justice by night! A hermit by nature and termically shy, it's rare for me to see the light of day... then again, I live in Seattle, so I don't think we get light. I think I can make icons on occasion, which makes people laugh, but hey, it keeps me amused.

The "warrioricons" and "mufwarprincess" is named after my dearly departed cat Muffy who, one late night, I decided that she fought in World War II since I was writing a paper on it and thought it sounded cool. My friend convinced me the teacher wouldn't really think it's funny and still makes fun of me to this day about it.

1. Proper credit to mufwarprincess or warrioricons is appreciated.

2. Don't hot link my icons. Download them and upload them to your own server.

3. Don't edit my icons please. Make your own. If I can make icons, you definitely can.

4. Feel free to friend me at anytime or unfriend me, you don't have to ask. I don't bite. All friends will be added immediately (I'm friendly and like friends :3).

Click here to see my resources.

mawkish_designs by fuckyeahbearseatbeets
courtesan_icons by fuckyeahbearseatbeets
desertfireicons by ameyao_roinyi

Thanks to pootatoe for the layout style override codes! :D

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